MongoDB quiz

MongoDB in no-SQL object based data base. MongoDB is a database software that focuses on documents. MongoDB is a NoSQL database software that works with JSON-like documents and optional schemas. It may be used to store a variety of document-oriented data, such as server logs, client logs, user activity, and so on.
MongoDB also supports geo data, allowing us to store latitude and longitude coordinates and run queries on them. For example, using the Google Neary schema, we can query for all stores in a given location. There are a large number of firms that utilise mongo database to store data depending on location in real time. It provides numerous mechanisms and extremely rapid data processing.

Below is a list of MongoDB MCQ's quizze that we have compiled from various publications to help you test your knowledge. These quizze are designed to let you to take them as many times as you like. These quizzes range in difficulty from beginner to advanced; please let us know if any of the answers are incorrect in the comments section.

MongoDB Quiz

MongoDB uses sharding and a master-slave structure, so data loss is minimal, and it outputs in JSON format, making it easy to incorporate into any project. In the future, we'll recommend several projects that will help you better grasp these concepts.
It also has a number of APIs that may be used in a variety of languages, including Python, Go, and JavaScript.
We did a lot of projects based on MongoDB in college, and we saw the potential of it at the time. When working with MongoDB, we don't have to worry about relational schema, and you can configure it in a variety of ways to get amazing results.
Knowledge of mongodb is a huge bonus when it comes to making your cv stand out from the crowd.

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