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Apache Kafka is now fashionable, and many businesses have begun to employ these stream processing technologies to analysis their systems utilizing real-time analytics. Apache provides it as open source software. Today, knowing Apache Kafka is quite beneficial, since there are several job openings for Kafka developers.
Kafka is developed in Scala and Java, although it supports a variety of languages for integration, including GO, Python, NodeJS, and others.
Because Kafka has such a high throughput and is a distributed system, data loss is quite rare. Using Kafka for stream processing and event management is extremely beneficial.

Below is a set of Apache Kafka MCQs quizzes that will test your understanding about Kafka. You can take these as many times as you like to improve your knowledge.
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kafka quiz

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Kafka is now utilized in a variety of ways, including as an event handler, user activity, and user tracking, among others.
Most IoT devices interface with Kafka, and we can follow each device's activities using real-time event processing.
When we use Kafka to use the log, we can track real-time user movement and activity. Many travel agencies use this software to track their vehicles in real-time. Kafka uses the producer and consumer mechanism, where the producer pushes data into a kafka topic, and the consumer subscribes to those topics and uses those events, applying multiple algorithms to validate those events. We may also use machine learning to process the streaming data and generate quick results.

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