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How to crack Coding interview?

We've compiled a list of all the questions we've answered when preparing for interviews on this website. When a placement drive comes around, most of us in college begin preparing for our programming interview. We cover a variety of topics, including the programming languages Go and Python, as well as javascript and Java.
Most of the time, the interviewer is more interested in our problem-solving, data structure, and real-world scenario questioning than in our programming language expertise.

How to crack Coding interview?

In most interviews, we were given questions about data structures to test our problem-solving skills, and while answering those questions, we were asked to produce code snippets to evaluate our programming skills as well.
The following is a list of questions that I prepared for my internship, final placement, and after experience engineer interviews. These questions are the building blocks of programming abilities, and as the interviewer understands, you must answer these questions in order to go to the next round.

The questions below are meant to test your programming and problem-solving skills, and after some reasoning, you should be able to come up with unique answers that the interviewer is looking for. To impress your teacher and interviewer, you must come up with at least two solutions, so that they can see that you implemented them independently.
Most of the time, I see students arrive with a single solution that is posted on a website and does not help you pass the exam.
You must provide your solution, which will increase your chances of success in the interview. If you want to succeed in the interview, you must solve numerous issues and present your solutions.

1. Binary Tree Coding Interview Questions

2.  Array Coding Interview Questions

3. Program to divide a string in N equal parts where string is divisble by n

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