About Us

This website is intended to give notes and papers on a variety of topics, including problem solving, algorithms, data structures, quizzes, multiple choice questions, and interview questions. I realise there are other websites out there that give similar notes, but our major goal in creating this website was to put everything on one server rather than searching and bouncing between several websites. We exchange notes and strive to solve problems based on our reasoning and provide knowledge based on our experience and market need, which is currently novel in the market. We are always willing to assist individuals who want clarification on any problem that has been posted on our website, or if you require assistance with your interview preparation, please send us an email.

This blog was created to preserve information relevant to programming (mostly) so that it could be readily accessed.
We are here to assist you in programming from a beginner to an expert level by giving notes.
Code, explanation, and problem explanation will be included in the topic notes.
We are a community of students and professionals that are always improving their skills and attempting to understand new technologies. After spending time learning, we are here to give and share our knowledge based on the exercises and experiences that we have gained.
If anybody want to contribute, please send us an email with the information, and we will evaluate it and, if it is beneficial, put it on our website so that others may read it instead of scouring the internet for such issues. Please contact us if you are interested; our email address is listed on our contact page.

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