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The only approach to master problem solving and coding skills is to practice as much as possible. Reading theory and knowing code syntax will not make us competent programmers; we must solve numerous and multiple issues to master the skill. Hacker-rank is a platform that gives us problems with various types of problem sets and test cases, and then judges our code based on those test cases. We may evaluate the scenario here using a variety of parameters such as running time analysis and code optimization.

While preparing for my coding interview, I solved a number of questions on online coding platforms such as LeetCode and HackeRank. I spent much too much time tackling the problem developing the logic (algorithm) that passed all of the testcases provided by those platforms. However, looking at other people's solutions as a reference for where we are going wrong may save us a lot of time and effort.

hackerank solution


So, to help you with your coding practice and interview preparation, I decided to offer all of the solutions along with their corresponding issue descriptions. If you have a different way to tackling those difficulties, please share it in the comments area so that I can improve my problem-solving abilities.

Based on these questions, i created multiple Go Quizzes, python Quizzes and other programming MCQ's, Please check that as well.

Bellow list of HackeRank problems with their solutions.

  1. String Validators Hackerank Solution

  2. Insert a node at a specific position in a linked list

  3. Merge the Tools! hackerank solution

  4. Extra Long Factorials hackerank solution using Go

  5. Alphabet Rangoli

  6. Capitalize! 


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