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We are a Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune-based group of students and professionals. Our major is computer science, and the majority of us work as software engineers. Our goal with this website is to gather all of our information in one place so that it may assist ourselves and others in planning and solving challenges.
Based on our experience, many people spend too much time on the internet searching for and solving problems when giving an interview or preparing for an interview exam. They solve multiple problems and also prepare their fundamentals from various websites, and they spend too much time on the internet searching for and solving those problems. They come up with new answers every time, or they forget about the prior solution that they found beneficial for the topic.

This website has all of the questions and quizzes that we will use to study for the forthcoming exam.
These questions and quizzes came from a variety of publications as well as our personal experiences, such as how the interviewer would ask the question. We strive to offer straightforward answers that are easy to clarify in an interview or viva. Most of the time, we find the answer on another website, but the way they do it is difficult to understand and apply, and it also raises a lot of questions based on those explanations. It may not have occurred to you, but we have encountered a similar issue when conducting interviews or vivas. Here we will keep note of all of our problem-solving techniques that aid us in our preparation.

I am working on my problem solving skills, I am trying my best to serve.

If you are having doubt on any specific problem just comment there else if you having any issue Feel free to contact us.

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