Python MCQ Part-3

In this Post, we are going to increase our level and try to solve python3 code quizzes, In this post I am going to add some python code snippet and you have to select right option from the given correct options. 

If you interested on more basic python mcq quizzes, you can check our other post regarding python basic MCQ question.

Python quiz or Python3 quiz , Solve following python MCQs quizzes. These questions are MCQ's (Multi choice question) so based on their output choose any one of the correct options. You can ask your queries related to these questions in comment, we will try to answer your query.




1. What is correct output form of given code snippet?

import datetime
ct =


2.Please select correct code snippet from below option which print date in given example format "2021-08-16"


3.What is below code snippet try to do?

import datetime
crntDate ='%Y-%m-%d')
todayDate =  datetime.datetime.strptime(crntDate,'%Y-%m-%d')
print(todayDate + datetime.timedelta(days=2))


4. What is output for following code snippet?

  x = "abc"
  print([x[i:j] for i in range(0,len(x)) for j in range(i,len(x)+1)])


5. What is output for following code snippet?


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